Wusent exchanges certified

Secure & certified your electronics exchanges

WUSENT Secure your dematerialized documents

  • Bills
  • Orders
  • Etc
  • Just with the Wusent virtual printer or the Wusent API, sending secures files will never be easier !

Exchange certified and archive your documents

  • Archive your documents
  • Secure & certified sending of  your business documents
  • Sign or have your certified documents signed
  • Quick documents search

Increase Productivity and save

  • No more enveloping, no more stamps, no more ink cartridges, papers, envelopes to renew for your invoices and other documents exchanged with your customers and partners
  • send your dematerialized invoices automatically from your billing software (Wintruck, ERP…)
  • Automatically integrate orders via EDI and avoid data entry and potential errors. Keep track of these exchanges
  • Increase traceability of your products

Wusent use Blockchain technology